Display stands and pos

A display stand is used to exhibit to the client different sale products and promotions, which can also include PROMOTIONAL MAGAZINES, FLYERS or CATALOGUES.

Each display stand contains one or various shelves which combine images and advertising posters. It is designed to inform the costumer of some of the aspects related to the promotion and thus facilitate the sale of the product. These stands form part of what is known as POS or “Point Of Sale Display”.


Its efficiency to sell a large range of products has been proved, justifying the need to keep all advertising promotions up to date.

  • It attracts the consumer´s attention.
  • It increases the value of the exhibited product and encourages the purchase.
  • It improves the brand´s image and increases the manufacturer´s and distributor´s prestige.
  • Serves as a form of transport and guarantees a quick and efficient assembly in the point of sale.



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