We care for the enviroment


Our company is aware of the need to preserve the environment and assumes its responsibility required as a member of the cardboard industry. We are committed to continuing our professional activity without harming the environment, while making the company´s economic growth compatible with our care for the environment.

For this purpose, the company defines its Environmental Policy as follows:

  • Promote the need to look after our environment, by raising our personnel´s awareness when it comes to the treatment of materials, products, and waste.
  • Find solutions to reduce our energy consumption.
  • Encourage the use of recycled raw materials.
  • Find supplies and auxiliary materials that do not contain heavy metals, toxins or any other type of pollutant.
  • Effluent and sewage treatment.
  • Waste and sub-product treatment in order to facilitate its recycling whenever possible.
  • Clean and care of the border areas, providing them with green areas wherever possible.
  • Inform our clients of all the environmental policies related to packaging and its waste.
  • Strict compliance of all existing legal regulations for both Spanish legislations and the directive legislations of the Council of the European Union.
  • We have implemented the Environmental Management System ISO 14001-2004, strengthening our clients´ trust in this matter.