Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Experts

Our two production sites specialise in corrugated cardboard manufacturing, custom made design, and box, packaging and display stand manufacturing and handling.




























What do we make?

Our Products:

We manufacture and supply boxes, packaging, containers and displays, among other products, to meet the needs of the market at competitive prices, with best quality and reasonable time.

Our Stand out Products

cajas de carton ondulado letro

   Corrugated cardboard boxes

 We manufacture various types of corrugated boxes: boxes FEFCO format,     automatic background boxes, bottom and top boxes, self-erecting boxes…

palets de plástico madrid

Plastic Pallets

It is a type of pallet that offers great advantages: recyclable, very light and easy to store, very hygienic which facilitates its continued use without risk to health and also economical.


Environmental Certificates

We are certified in the Environmental Management System UNE-EN ISO 14001.

Quality Certificates

We are certified in the Quality Management System UNE-EN ISO 9001

Certificado en Calidad Letro

AFCO Members

We are members of the Manufacturers ´Association of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging